About Berezhany Agrotechnical College

On April 24th 2014 according to decree № 489 of rector of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine on the basis of Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute was established Separated subdivision of National university of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine " College of Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute".
On August 12th 2014 educational establishment was renamed into "Berezhany Agrotechnical College".
The college carries out training of specialists on the basis of basic and complete general secondary education for educational level "Junior Specialist" on full-time and part-time study forms.
The college has the following functions:
  •  Department of Economics and Applied Ecology;
  • Department of service of computer systems and networks and electrification of agriculture;
  • Department of mechanisation of agriculture, road transport and horticulture.
There are 7 subject committees at the departments that include 67 teachers, among them: 3 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 9 methodologists, 12 senior lecturers, 41 teachers of the highest category. State awards, honorary titles and other honors have 9 people. Honored workers of NUBiP of Ukraine are 3 persons. The educational process is conducted using innovative educational technologies.

A lot of attention is paid to improve the teachers skills who can work with gifted students, develop the content and methodology of teaching subjects, conduct research works, organize scientific and methodical works and create favorable conditions for the realization of creative potential, self-disclosure and self-development.

The college carries out training of specialists in 10 specialties of the EQL "Junior Specialist" and 14 workers' professions. In 2017, the educational institution received a license for conducting educational activities for the first (Bachelor) level of higher education in specialty 274 "Automobile Transport".

The laboratories and college study rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, in which students carry out a full range of research in all specialties.

The educational institution actively functions in the conditions of the reforming and constant growing of the present requirements both in the field of agrarian education and in the general context of national and world changes. The college cooperates with universities and institutes in Poland: Rzeszow University, PLC the "Plantation over Tanvia", the Witold Pilecki High School (Auschwitz). In addition, the college is working on establishing cooperation with leading agrarian enterprises and universities in Germany and France.

Also, were signed agreements with leading agrarian enterprises and organizations of Ukraine (PAC "Agroprodservice", PLC "West-Agro MHP", PC "Agrospezgosp", OJSC "Ternopiloblenergo", PJSC CB "Privatbank", ALC "Berezhanyavtotrans" ...)

The college has created a council of employers and actively implements the elements of the dual form of education, which enables to overcome the gap between theory and practice, education and production, and improve the quality of training qualified personnel, taking into account the requirements of employers in the framework of new organizationally distinct forms of training.

The educational process ensures the national character of education promotes the development of the individual, forms and develops spirituality, morality, and democratic outlook.

There are 5 amateur art groups in the college: students amateur theater "Iskra Promethea" (“Prometheus spark”), dance ensemble "Nasoloda" (“Pleasure”), vocal ensemble "Berezhanka", choreographic team “Vis-a-vis” and students amateur choir in which one third of full-time education students are involved.

The following main events are traditional: the winners award ceremony of the “Sova” (the Owl) project,  «Holosiyivsʹka vesna» festival, festival of the heroic song, Andriyivsʹki vechornytsi (St. Andrew's Evenings), beauty contest,  «Kozatsʹki zabavy».

Considerable attention is paid to student self-government. Student organization directs its activities to improve the educational process, which is aimed at high-quality education, education of students' spirituality and culture, the growth of students' social activity and responsibility. The pride of the college is the regional Olympiads winners and the named scholars that received the scholarship of the President of Ukraine.